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Baan Celadon, Ltd, Part. Buy the best quality celadon - ceramics products in ChiangMai at Baan Celadon, Ltd, Part.

1- Tableware, Dinner Set
2- Tableware, Dinner Set
3- Tableware
4- Tableware
5- Tableware, Tea Set
6- Tableware, Coffee Mug
7- Celadon Vase
8- Celadon Vase
9- Celadon Classical Vase
10- Candle Stick, Ashtray
11- Gift Item
12- Gift Item
13- Celadon LannaThai
14- Celadon LannaThai
15- Celadon LannaThai
16- Showcase
17- Dinner Set Plain Green
18- Dinner Set Mix Blue and Green
19- Dinnerware Terra Cotta Line
20- Dinnerware Sunflower Design
21- Dinnerware Lotus Flower Design
22- Dinnerware Bamboo Design
23- Dinner Elephant Design
24- Octangular Dinner Set
25- Dinnerware Fish Design

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7 Moo 3, ChiangMai Sankampang Rd, ChiangMai 50131 - THAILAND
Tel. 66 - 53 - 338288, 384889-90 / Fax 66 - 53 - 338940
e-mail :
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Baan Celadon Ltd, Part. - ChiangMai

Celadon is one kind of three main types of ceramics in Thailand. Although fairly primitive ceramics products had been locally produced, imported chinese technology did not take root until the 13th century. Since then, ceramics continued to develop until today. Celadon production has also developed from its early beginnings 700 years ago to its present position as one of three types of ceramics in Thailand.

The name Celadon derives from two Sanskrit words : 'Sila', which means stone, and 'Dhara', which means green. Therefore, celadon means green stone.


Celadon is a kind of high fired stoneware with a wood and ash glaze which is handmade by a traditional process. It is a man-made attempt to duplicate opaque jade - since jade is seen as a natural beautiful and strong stone which brings the owner good luck and success.

It is named Celadon because of its totally unique glaze. Emerald Celadon is not only thick and strong but also delicately cracked under its glaze.

The cracks are caused by a difference in the coefficient of contraction between the body of the celadon product and the glaze when the product is cooling. Its crackle creates its unique beauty and value.


According to Thai chronicles, King Ramkamhaeng the Great - in the Sukhotai period - went on official mission to Peking and brought back chinese pottery and potters in the 13th century. Since then, after the introduction of chinese methods, ceramics were produced in Sukhotai.
In the same time, a pottery of higher quality was gradually produced at Sawankalok. The green beautiful glaze on the pottery named Celadon became very popular.

Around the middle of the 15th century, ceramics industries started in various parts of Northern Thailand, especially in ChiangMai - where Celadon has grown and become the best known among the other types of ceramics.


As celadon is a man-made product which depends upon the skills and experience of craftsmen, it is valuable.
But because of its attractiveness and solidity, celadon is used both for home decoration and everyday use.
Celadon dinner set is extremely appreciated. Not only for its beauty, but also for the health safety. No chemical is used for the production. Cooking and serving with celadon is recommended even in microwave oven.

7 Moo 3, ChiangMai Sankampang Rd, ChiangMai 50131 - THAILAND
Tel. 66 - 53 - 338288, 384889-90 / Fax 66 - 53 - 338940
e-mail :




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