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BAN-KHERN LACQUERWARE - Producer - Wholesaler and Exporter of Lacquerware. Boxes, Figurines, Picture Frames, Show Plates, Napkin Rings, Vases,...

Ban-Khern Lacquerware Logo
Ban-Khern Lacquerware

Ban-Khern Lacquerware



    172 Moo 2 Chiangmai-Sankampaeng Rd, Tumbol Tonpao

    Sankampaeng Chiangmai 50130 Thailand

    Tel. (053) 338293-4 Fax (66-53) 338409



Online Catalog

Please visit Ban-Khern Lacquerware online catalog

Company Profile

Ban-Khern Lacquerware was founded by Mr. Vicha Sompamitr in 1972 at Borsang Village, Sankampeng district of Chiangmai / Thailand.

Three years later, Ban-Khern Lacquerware was moved to Namtaram Village near Chiangmai town. The village became well known for lacquerware production - so it was called "Lacquerware Village".

Ban-Khern Lacquerware

In 1986, Ban-Khern moved to its present location on Chiangmai-Sankampaeng Road, famous around the world for its Cottage and Handicraft Industry.


From its beginning until now, the company has strived to maintain the highest standard of production quality control. All Ban-Khern Lacquerware workers have been trained by Mr. Vicha personally until they have became true experts in lacquerware production until they have understood the value of handicraft production and maintained a constant standard of quality.

    Ban-Khern Lacquerware


The company has been continuously and actively developing the design and quality of its wide range of lacquerware products by closely paying attention to the feedback from professional buyers.


Ban-Khern Lacquerware cooperates with the Thai governement in fairs, exhibitions and product contests.

The company is also co-founder of the Thai Association of Lacquerware Manufacturers.

The awards and honors the company has received include:

  • Best Industrial and Factory Manager Award (Handicraft Section) by the Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry.
  • Best Factory Award (Handicraft Section) by the Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry.
  • Invited to be one of the painters for the interior walls of His Majesty the King's Phuping Palace in 1972.
  • Promoted by the Productivity Center, Ministry of Industry, to visit lacquerware producers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan in 1982 and 1983 in order to bring back new knowledge and techniques to develop the design and quality of Thai lacquerware.
  • Online Catalog

    Please visit Ban-Khern Lacquerware online catalog





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