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ART FILM Programs
Faculty of Media Art & Design, Chiang Mai University proudly presents:
Film Space Project

These films are shown in the lecture room on the second floor of the Media Art and Design Building, Chiang Mai University Art Museum, every Saturday at 6.30 p.m. (Admission Free)

1st April 2006: The Bible... In the Beginning
USA - 1966 - 174 min - Rated - G
Director: John Huston
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Focusing on and dramatizing the first 22 chapters in The Book of Genesis, "The Bible... in the Beginning...," Huston diligently explores the Biblical version of the origins of mankind. The stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Ark, the Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham and Sarah, their son Isaac and Abraham's covenant with God are all dealt with in epic fashion.

8th April 2006: The Ten Commandments
USA - 1956 - 220 mins - Rated - G
Director: Cecil B. DeMille
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A biblical film that would become a landmark in movie history itself, The Ten Commandments clinched Oscar award with the scene that shows the parting of the Red Sea. It is ranked fifth in the US All Time Box Office (after adjusting for ticket price inflation). Needless to say, this is DeMille's greatest work ever.

15th April 2006: King David
USA - 1985 - 114 mins - Rated - PG-13
Director: Bruce Beresford
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Richard Gere gave a fine performance as King David, a shephdr-boy who slew Goliath and became King of Biblical Israel. Director Bruce Beresford wasn't aiming to make King David a larger-than-life epic, intending instead to create a more sophisdticated study of dramatic character.

22nd April 2006: The Gospel According to St. Matthew
Italian - B&W - 1964 - 133 min - Rated - N/A
Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini
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A very poetic motion picture narration of the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth, based on the witness of St Matthew. Pier Paolo Pasolini's movie is one of the most spiritual films ever made. An atheist and Marxist himself, he presents a rather revolutionary, stern Jesus using parables to teach his disciples.

APRIL 2006 film programme

138 Charoen Prathet Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
Tel. 053-275 277 Fax. 053-821 039

All films are shown on Fridays at 8 p.m. except on holidays.
French soundtrack, English subtitles.

Friday, April 7, 20h00

by Krzysztof Kieslowski with Juliette Binoche * Benoit Regent * Florence Pernel * Charlotte Very * Helene Vincent * Philippe Volter * Claude Duneton * Hugues Quester * Emmanuelle Riva * 100 mn * Eng. s.t.

Three Colors: Blue is the first part of Kieslowski's trilogy on France's national motto: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Blue is the story of Julie who loses her husband, an acclaimed European composer and her young daughter in a car accident. The film's theme of liberty is manifested in Julie's attempt to start a new life free of personal commitments, belongings, grief and love. She intends to spiritually commit suicide by withdrawing from the world and live completely independently, anonymously and in solitude in the Parisian metropolis. Despite her intentions, people from her former and present life intrude with their own needs. However...

Friday, April 21, 20h00

by Krzysztof Kieslowski with with Zbigniew Zamachowski * Julie Delpy * Janusz Gajos * Jerzy Stuhr * Aleksander Bardini * Grzegorz Warchol * 91 mn * Eng. s.t.

This is the second of the "Three Colors" trilogy "Red" "White" and "Blue": the colors symbolizing liberty, equality and fraternity. White, therefore, was written around the destructive dynamics of a relationship based upon great inequality. Karol is a Polish hairdresser working in France. He has a beautiful wife, Dominique, whom he loves to obsession, and who is in the process of divorcing him for his inability to "consummate the marriage". Karol loses all of his earthly possessions and is literally driven out of France by his estranged wife. Karol decides to fight back...

Friday, April 28, 20h00

by Krzysztof Kieslowski with Irene Jacob * Jean-Louis Trintignant * Frederique Feder * Jean-Pierre Lorit * Samuel Le Bihan * Marion Stalens * 99 mn * Eng. s.t.

Third and last part of Kieslowski's trilogy, Rouge refers to "Equality". Valentine is a young model living in Geneva. Because of a dog she ran over, she meets a retired judge who listens in on his neighbours' phone calls, not for money but to feed his cynicism…


Chiang Mai is not without good cinemas for film buffs. Although only two cinema operators are competing to attract the big-screen fans, a wide variety of choices are on offer daily from noon to midnight.

The Vista Entertainment Group

Established about 13 years ago, Vista theaters on the fourth floor of Kad Suan Kaew introduced the people of Chiang Mai to the multiplex theaters and the thrills of Hollywood magic. Of the seven digital-sound theaters in Kad Suan Kaew, Vista 1 - 4 offer a large capacity and big screen, while the rest are of medium and low capacity. Vista Group also has four other large capacity theaters, of which two at the 12 Huay Kaew arcade opposite Kad Suan Kaew also show English-speaking films.

Reservation: phone 053-894415 (Kad Suan Kaew), 053- 404374 (12 Huay Kaew)

Major Cineplex

A now household name for movie theater buffs in Thailand, Major Cineplex offers a relatively new cinema complex on the fourth floor of Central Airport Plaza. Although the theaters are generally of lower capacity, they boast more comfortable seats and superior audio-visual systems.

Reservation: phone 053-283939, or visit for on-line ticketing.

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