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Chiangmai Nature Tour - Chiang Mai. Birdwatching - Cave Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. Exclusive trips/treks combining knowledge of ethnic people with ecological skills.



Chiangmai Nature Tour - Birdwatching - Caves Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. 

Doi Inthanon




    500 YEARS AGO


    People inhabited the remote areas of Thailand, but we know very little about them. We know of their existence only by the cliff paintings they left behind, some of which are dimly visible on the cliffs near Mae Klang Visitor's center.

    150 YEARS AGO


    Karen hilltribe people began to settle on the lower slopes of the mountain 150 years ago, circa 1850. Pamon village -a beautiful Karen village- is one of the oldest settlements in the park.

    100 YEARS AGO


    Until early in this century, this mountain was known as Doi Ang Ka. The last ruler of the Lanna Kingdom, King Inthravitchayanon, decreed that his remains should be placed at the summit to remind the people of his love and respect for this important place.

    He died in l898, and his remains were brought by pony train to the mountain. Later, his daughter established a beautiful chedi to honor her father, and the name of the mountain was changed to Doi Inthanon in honor of the memory of the last King of Chiangmai. To this day, people come to the summit to pay homage to the former ruler.

    The Hmong people began to move into the region about 70 years ago, and the village of Khun Klang was established about 1925. The Hmong were traditionally opium growers, and the upper slopes of this mountain were once covered in opium poppies. An unfortunate consequence of the opium trade was its devastating impact on the environment; the hills of Chiangrai and Chiangmai provinces are seriously deforested and depleted from years of opium production.



    Mr. Boonsong Lekagul, the father of the environmental movement in Thailand, made several excursions to Doi Inthanon in the 1960s, and he established his base camp (Nipompri) in Pamon. The school at Pamon retains the word 'nipompri' in its name, and villagers there can take you to see the remains of some of Mr. Boonsong Lekagul's camps.

    Doi Inthanon National Park was established by an act of Congress in 1966, under the supervision of Mr. Nyrung Saikon. Mr. Nyrung died in a plane crash while surveying the park in 1967, and you can visit his memorial site located just off the Ang Ka Nature Trail on the summit. It is believed that the plane Mr. Nyrung was in suffered a fuel leak, and it exploded when he lit a match for a cigarette; consequently, many people leave lighted cigarettes at the memorial to honor the park's former supervisor.

    In the 1970s, the government started an active opium suppression and drug rehabilitation program to combat the problems associated with the opium trade. As part of that program, the King established a Royal Project in Khun Klang village to teach the Hmong people to grow non-opium flower crops. The Project is open to visitors all year.

    The radar station and the road to the summit were constructed in 1972 by the American Army Corps of Engineers - allowing easy access to the summit area.

From the Top of Doi Inthanon - On the Other Side is Mae Hong Son Province

    From the Top of Doi Inthanon - On the Other Side is Mae Hong Son Province

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