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Chiangmai Nature Tour - Chiang Mai. Birdwatching - Cave Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. Exclusive trips/treks combining knowledge of ethnic people with ecological skills.



Chiangmai Nature Tour - Birdwatching - Caves Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. 

Doi Inthanon


Karen village at Sob-Had

    Karen village at Sob-Had


    Doi Inthanon contains no less than 31 hilltribe villages, which contain about 5,000 people. Two villages are Hmong, and the rest are Karen.

    The Hmong raise flowers and vegetables for sale, and are largely incorporated into the cash economy.

    The Karen are primarily rice farmers, practicing both hill and paddy rice culture, and live a subsistence-based lifestyle.

    Both cultures hunt to supplement their diets: animals make up the majority of their protein source.

Inside the Farm House

    Inside the Farm House


    Khun Klang Village, at Km. 31 near the Park Headquarters, is a Hmong village of over 1,000 people. It was established about 30 years ago, circa 1962. There is a silver craft near the entrance to the Royal Project where you can watch people make traditional silver jewelry. There are also vendors selling elaborately embroidered clothing and items, and a few noodle stands.


    Pamon, at the end of a dirt road which starts at Km. 23, is one of the oldest villages in the park. It was established circa 1850. It is not 'tourist oriented' and offers little in the way of tourist services. There are, however, a few noodle stands that offer food and drink. During the dry season, a 4-wheel drive vehicle can drive a back road leading from Pamon Village to Khun Klang Village.

    This road offers views into a traditional, working Karen village, and the scenery is really quite beautiful.


    Sop Had Village, across from the Fire Station at Km. 21, is a very short walk from the road. It is a tiny, traditional, pleasant village. Because of its proximity to the road, the people there are somewhat used to visitors, and a few houses have traditional clothing and other woven goods for sale.

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