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Chiangmai Nature Tour - Chiang Mai. Birdwatching - Cave Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. Exclusive trips/treks combining knowledge of ethnic people with ecological skills.



Chiangmai Nature Tour - Birdwatching - Caves Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. 

Doi Inthanon



    Once noted for its abundance of mammals, there is now a notable lack of large mammals in the park. The decline of widlife in the area is due, in large part, to the construction of roads, which allowed easy access to once-remote areas.

    Nevertheless, there are still a large number of small mammals living in the forests of Doi Inthanon, and it is quite possible that larger animals, such as bears, occasionally pass through the park.

    In the winter of 1994, a leopard cat (Felis bangalensis) took up residence in the swamp at the summit, and many visitors walking along the nature trail there were able to enjoy watching it hunt bards and roddents.

    Fishing cats (Felis vivenina) inhabit the areas along the many streams and rivers in the park.

    Barking deer (Muntiacus muntjak) and sainber deer (Cervus unicolor) are common, and a keen eye can see marks on tree trunks where they have rubbed their horns.

    Wild pig (Sus scrofa) and feral buffalo (Bubalus) also haunt the forests, leaving their marks in the soil.

    Serrow still inhabit the more remote areas of the park, and gibbons occasionally visit Vachiratarn waterfall at dusk, filling the air with their calls.

    Macaques are known to inhabit the forests behind Mae Ya Waterfall.

    Flying squirrels glide about the trees behind the fire station at dusk. There are also about 30 species of bats flying at night.


    Far more impressive than the mammalian life, however, is the avian diversity of Doi Inthanon. About 400 species of bird can be found on the mountain in the winter season, almost half of all the species found in Thailand! Doi Inthanon is an extremely important wintering spot for many migratory bird species that come from Mongolia, Siberia, India, Nepal, and many other places. Two species - the Ashy-throated warbler and the Chestnut-headed minla - are found nowhere else in the world, and a beautiful race of Green tailed Sunbird is also unique to the mountain top.

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