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Translated: require elephant, require ride
Finds "elephant ride".

Translated: forbid hotel, require orchid(s)
Finds "orchid(s) (the flower)".
The asterisk is a wildcard representing any four or fewer characters.
Does not find ORCHID (ex. part of a business name).
Does not find "Orchid (the hotel)".

Translated: prefer driver, require car rent
Finds "car rent with driver", and "car rent".
Documents with both terms appear higher in the list.

Translated: require the phrase "2 days 1 night treks"
Finds "2 days 1 night treks".
Does not find "2 days 1 night trek" nor "trek 2 days 1 night".

Translated: require handmade (case insensitive), require words starting with "candle"
Finds "Handmade candle", "handmade candles".
The asterisk is a wildcard representing any four or fewer characters.

Translated: require Chiang Mai (case sensitive), require hotel, forbid guesthouse, prefer discount
(Does not list lowercase "chiangmai").

Translated: ignores common words like what, is, and a - requires words containing "trek"
Finds "trek", "trekking", and "trekker".
To suppress the ignore feature, use quotes, as in "What is a *trek*?".


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