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THE FINE ART OF THAI MASSAGE - Chiangmai. Learn to give a relaxing and therapeutic Thai massage in small classes with emphasis on rhythmic and meditative massage techniques.

The Fine Art of Thai Massage  
The Fine Art of Thai Massage Logo

    Run by Therdchai Chumphoopong

    114/4 Ratchamanka Road

    Chiangmai - Thailand

    Tel/Fax : ++66-53-275306

    Mobile: 01-3872579

Learn the Ancient Massage of Thailand

5 - 10 - 15 day courses in Basic and Advanced Massage Techniques

Traditional Thai Massage

.jpg .gifTraditional Thai Massage, in practice for over 2500 years, is based on the Ayurvedic principles of balancing one's energy. In both eastern and western healing systems, the idea of maintaining balance or equilibrium in the body is the key to good health. Thai Massage is based on the idea that there are energy lines, or Sen lines, that run through the body. These Sen are the passage for energy - and it is now known that the lines correspond with blood vessels in the body. When these Sen lines become blocked, the energy becomes stagnant and the body loses its balance, allowing disease to set in.

Massage Techniques

In Thai Massage, stretching, energy work and acupressure are used to open energy channels, allowing the body to rebalance and thus heal itself. Applying pressure to points along the energy lines combined with gentle rocking, compression, and elongating the muscles with yoga-like stretches serves to relax tight muscles and open stiff joints, allowing energy to flow with less obstruction.

.gif Learn to give a relaxing and therapeutic Thai massage
.gif Small classes
.gif Personal atmosphere
.gif Emphasis on rhythmic and meditative massage techniques

The The Fine Art of Thai Massage (TMT) was founded with the intent to pass on the fundamental techniques necessary to give a therapeutic and healing massage.

At Thai Massage Therapy we feel it is important our students understand how to apply massage techniques in a rhytmic and meditative way. Students are taught how to work from their centers, keeping their own bodies relaxed. With this in mind, the many steps and postures of Thai Massage therapy are taught and practised until the students develop a feeling of confidence in their abilities to perform the massage on their own.

Thai Massage is not a complicated form of therapy, but it can be stressful on the practitioner's body if the body is off balance. At TMT, we make sure that students use their bodies with efficiency and it is relaxing for both the client and therapist.

Qualified Instruction

The founder of Thai Massage Therapy, Therdchai Chumphoopong, known to his students as Mac, was born into massage. Mac's mother is a massage therapist and has been using the healing art of Thai Massage all of her life. At the age of seventeen, Mac began his formal study at the Foundation of Dr. Shivagakomarpaj Old Medicine Hospital in Chiangmai. After completing his education there, he stayed to teach and practice for three years. Mac went on to teach at the International Training Massage school for five years. Mac's mother, Pensri, studied and worked at the Old Medicine Hospital for many years.

Mac, his mother, father and brother work together at TMT to create a personal and direct atmosphere for the students. The classes are small, allowing each student to receive personal attention and instruction.

Course Curriculum

.gif Level I - 5 days

Back-Lying Position:

  • Feet and Ankles,
  • Energy Lines in the Legs,
  • Leg Stretching,
  • Abdomen, Chest, Arms,
  • Back, Neck, Head and Face Massage

    .gif Level II - 5 days

    Advanced Positions:

  • Side-Lying
  • Lying on Abdomen
  • Sitting

    .gif Level III - 5 days

    Specific Therapies: for Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain and Headache

    Course Schedule

    Classes are held at each level Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

    Cost and Requirements

  • 3,000 Baht per week payable on the first day of each week.
  • 2 passport size photos for record and diploma.
  • Price of 3,000 Baht per week includes pick-up and transportation to the school on the first day of the course.


    You can book your course right now, on-line. Please fill in the forms below to book the course(s) of your choice. We will get back to you within 2 days with a confirmation.

    Cost includes pick-up at your hotel / guest house on first day.

    Your E-mail address:

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    Previous Massage Experience:

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