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Chiangmai Nature Tour - Chiang Mai. Birdwatching - Cave Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. Exclusive trips/treks combining knowledge of ethnic people with ecological skills.



Chiangmai Nature Tour - Birdwatching - Caves Expeditions - Off-Road Adventure. 

Doi Inthanon

Forest Types



    There are five main forest types in Doi Inthanon.


    -1- The lower slopes contain Dry Dipterocarp Forest, which is a deciduous forest containing mostly trees in the Dipterocarp family. The soil is extremely poor clay and limestone. The lack of biodiversity in the plant community limits the biodiversity of the animal community, and the forest there is often remarkably quiet.


    -2- Above the Dry Dipterocarp Forest is the Mixed Deciduous Forest, which contains both deciduous and evergreen species, including native pine.This forest type is an "ecotone" between the Dry Dipterocarp below and the Evergreen above. Biodiversity here is quite high.


    -3- The Mix Deciduous Forest gradually fades into Hill Evergreen Forest. The lower reaches contain pines, the upper reaches consist primarily of oak and chestnut species. There are two kinds of Hill Evergreen Forest, Moist and Dry.The park contains primary Moist Hill Evergreen Forest above 2,000 meters and primary Dry Hill Evergreen Forest in the Mae Pan Falls area.


    -4- Gallery Forests line the banks of streams and rivers, remaining green throughout the year. Gallery Forests provide an important habitat for many species of birds and mammals.


    -5- There are a number of Pine Plantations in the park, planted by the Royal Forestry Department.These are artificial forests, but they are quite useful in protecting the soil and keeping the mountain green.

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