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Maybe much smaller than this, doors on the other side - but they are coming.

After years of debate, it's now official. Chiangmai will have a modern bus service, Lord Mayor Boonlert Buranupakorn told 'Good Morning Chiangmai News' late last month. "A budget of 100,000US$ has been allocated and we are talking to the Armstrong company in France, and Siemens "

"There will be a feasibility study and we will look at modern electric buses running on rubber tyres, possibly in their own allocated lanes."

There had been no decision to buy 20 electric trams, as reported in another local publication last month.

Cutting the black spaghetti

The Prime Minister's concern for his home city has resulted in a budget to bury the ugly overhead power and phone lines in Changklan (Night Bazaar), Thapae and Rachadamnern Roads. The Lord Mayor says that work will begin in the next 3 months.

.gif ELEFACTS3: MUSTH is the term used to describe certain behaviour patterns in male elephants after the age of about 8. The symptoms can occur at any time, for an indeterminate period. Research is not conclusive but the following has been observed:
  • * Untypical aggressive behaviour.
  • * Sometimes tears stream down the face.
  • * While in MUSTH, bulls tend to follow females for mating opportunities. bachelor
  • * Other elephants will avoid a male in MUSTH.
  • * Any bull in MUSTH automatically becomes dominant over any bull not in MUSTH.
  • * A tiny percentage of female elephants experience MUSTH.
  • The period in which MUSTH takes places varies according to to the bull's age, and, interestingly, to their position in the social hierarchy. Older bulls supress the MUSTH cycle of less dominant younger bulls, creating a stable hierarchy of bull elephants.

    More 'Elefacts'? See


    …..on your flight to Thailand? Whether or not, we're just so glad you had one, because a shortage of airline seats on appropriate routes is one of the biggest factors limiting tourism here, says newly appointed TAT Governor Mrs Juthamas Siriwan.

    Although THAI International have ordered 3 new aircraft, the number of available seats still falls well short of demand. Last year, 10.5 million people arrived and promotion of the Kingdom's hotels, spas and golf courses in particular could boost arrivals to 15.3 million over the next 5 years, she said.

    Now watch that passport!

    Don't give your passport to hotels or vehicle hire companies. That's the advice on the British Government website covering Thailand. Our advice: offer them photo copies of the relevant pages instead. If that's not acceptable, move on - plenty to choose from! Japanese tourists in particular are advised to take good care of their passports at all times, as they fetch a premium price on the black market.



    Don't be alarmed if you hear the whine of a tiny petrol engine, then see a masked man emerge from a cloud of white smoke. It's not an alien from Mars, it's a man on a mission - to eliminate mosquitos.

    The Chiangmai city authority is spraying a solution of 25% Cypermethrin and 75% water to reduce the population of the little biters. The chemical is extracted from plants and has no ill effects on humans or plant life.


    Top value service from the English proofreaders of the Provincial Hall's website!

    "Good Morning Chiangmai News"

    Just e-mail us at with your requirements. Legal & business contracts; reports; personal communications - all handled accurately in strictest confidence.


    The main goals of 'Sharing for a Sustainable Future' at Prem International Center were to share ideas of current environmental education practices and to determine future goals and objectives. In addition, the conference sought to strengthen co-operation between government agencies, educators and schools, and to find ways that children could learn to conserve environmental quality.

    The 300-plus participants from 9 nations attended 3 days of workshops to assess the future of environmental education, the first ever opportunity for educators, from student teachers to Ministry of Education representatives, to discuss best practices together.



    From this Red River crossing in China, the intrepid Reinhard goes upmarket to a hover on the Mekong.

    One of the most imaginative, up-market vacation adventures in recent years purrs off smoothly and quietly along the Mekong River on November 2nd under the guidance of Chiangmai based tour director Reinhard Hohler.

    'Expedition Mekong - River of Dreams' will take fortunate travellers downstream from China for 17 days (7,700US$ each) or 15 days back upstream from Cambodia for 300 dollars less, starting November 21st.

    The aim is to travel the entire navigable length of this major river - and part of the adventure includes an overnight stay in a basic guest house while the huge hover is craned out of the water and trucked around a waterfall!

    Meals, overnight accommodation, ground transport and some domestic flights are included and at time of going to press there were still a few seats left on both journeys. More on



    Prior to the closure, Mae Sai visitors could often clearly witness illegal cross border trade!

    As relations between Bangkok and Rangoon steadily improve, plans are being made to improve trade and investment co-operation - even to spruce up our nearest land border crossing, Mae Sai in Chiangrai province

    The long planned second road bridge over the narrow river to Tachilek in Burma should be built promptly, and the image of both towns improved to attract greater tourism, said Dr Krasae Chanawong, a Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, on a visit there last month. He also encouraged all parties involved to plan in advance for the expansion of Chang Saen as a Mekong river port, serving increased import and export trade with China.

    At time of going to press, all land border crossings to Burma remained closed.


    If you hear someone promoting work in an Alaskan fish canning factory, tell them to can it! Scammers are "recruiting" Thais to work a 2 year contract at US$7 per hour. Free food, accommodation and medication!. The catch? Each must pay 525,000b in advance for "travelling expenses". That buys a lot of travel - but only for the scammers. Thai workers fall victim to fraudulent overseas job agents year after year.


    1,848 million methamphetamine pills were on board a long distance bus stopped by police in Chiangrai province. After discovering a hidden compartment containing the drugs, police arrested the driver and 4 passengers, then searched the home of the vehicle's owner and confiscated many other vehicles. A few days later, Lamphun police noticed a car which had run out of petrol. If the 36 year old Lisu driver had used 300b from his boot he'd have had no trouble. Boot contents? 9.5 million baht in small notes!

    Pedestrian lights up

    Pedestrian-controlled traffic lights will be installed on 43 city centre crossings, the Mayor has announced. The estimated cost of 37.4 million baht will be paid by a Japanese loan project and contractors have been asked to submit tenders.


    The Law Society will sue the Interior Ministry on behalf of 1,243 hilltribe people in Mae Ai district, Chiangmai, in a bid to restore their Thai citizenship. A human rights lawyer says that the recent revocation of their citizenship was illegal and that Mae Ai authorities should not have rejected their case.


    No fewer than 25 local groups, projects and clubs have asked Chiangmai-born Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra for transparency and detailed explanations on the 750m baht plan to move Chiangmai Zoo further into degraded forest land in the foothills of Doi Suthep.

    A massive area of over 9,000 rai is being discussed. The groups are also worried about the 'Night Safari Park' project (reported here in August) on environmental and cost grounds. It is planned to create a new public park on the existing site.

    Pet topics

    Pet lovers compete for prizes on October 5-6th at the first ever Love Animal Fair on the 3rd floor of the Central Airport Plaza parking building. There are many different classes for dogs, cats, fish, birds and rodents - full information from Louis Aquarium near Tesco Lotus, Superhighway, tel 0-5341-2662.


    Mae Tang, Chai Prakarn and Jomthong areas of Chiangmai Province were worst affected by last month's flooding, with around one million baht's worth of damage being caused to roads, bridges and mines.


    With no public announcement, the Labour Office tripled the fee for a one year Work Permit to 3,000 baht, effective from September 17th. A permit for 3-6 months now costs 1,500b and 750b for under 3 months. The fee for changing locations, companies or employers has been reduced to 150b


    In October 1996, 'Good Morning Chiangmai News' reported:

  • * New polymer 50 baht banknotes had been ordered from Australia to mark the 50th anniversary of the accession to the throne of His Majesty the King. The blue notes would be the first in Thailand with a transparent 'window'.
  • * THAI International was to spend US$20 million on a new corporate identity and colour scheme and four design companies had been shortlisted.
  • * "I am a tour operator, not a politician" said a businessman, when asked why he still ran tours to Burma despite the human rights abuses there.
  • * The Chamber of Commerce had been working for 3 years with a German specialist on a plan for a 10,000 square metre conference centre for the city. The required site for the 20,000 square metre plot had not been decided.

  • * Chiangmai's new conference and exhibition centre is to be built on a 640,000 square metre plot on Army land near the Provincial Hall in Mae Rim. The vastly increased scheme is scheduled to cost 1.2 billion baht and should be completed by 2004.
  • * There's a medical theme at the Informal Northern Thai Group on October 8th when Steven van de Ven discusses intervention radiology as a substitute for surgery. Venue is Alliance Francaise, Charoenprathet Road, start time 7.30pm.
  • * October 23rd is Chulalongkorn Day, a national holiday throughout Thailand when banks, post offices and other public services will be closed.
  • * The Terry Fox Run to raise money for cancer research, sponsored by the Regent Chiangmai Resort & Spa, Mae Rim, will be held on November 2nd. The 6th running of the 10.2km run (there's a 2.2km walk which is also suitable for wheelchair entrants) is a fun event based on the 700 Year Stadium - and Silk Air and The Regent Singapore have donated generous lucky draw prizes. More on 0-5329-8181.
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    If you hear someone promoting work in an Alaskan fish canning factory, tell them to can it! Scammers are "recruiting" Thais to work a 2 year contract at US$7 per hour. (...).

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