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Inter-Health. Lose weight now. Ask us how!
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INTER-HEALTH Chiangmai We would be pleased to welcome you to our world wide head quarters for more information!

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Business Opportunities

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1.The freedom of self-employmeint without employees, overheads, liabilities or collection problems from account receivable. Work when you want, where you want, for as little or as long as you want, keeping your overhead cost to an absolute minimum! (If you want to work on the beach or at home, well you can now!)

2.World-wide Company! (International Distribution Centres!). Well respected, publicly held company! (Traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange!)

3.A duplicate unique training system that uses not only the internet, but also offer you the distributor personal training in all major cities throughout any of our 44 countries, video/audio training touch telephone, and the latest digital privately owned satellite system, offers you product and marketing training beamed direct in to your very own home, all training is directed by the worlds top marketing experts! International support system of positive successful people who will teach you everything that you need to know!

4.First class annual vacations to exotic locations - that are completely organised and paid for!


  • Spend more time with your family!
  • Achieve and reach your ultimate dreams!
  • Have the income that you deserve & need!
  • Feel great & look fantastic!
  • Have the very best in health that your body needs!

If you are ready to make the change and want the health and lifestyle that you deserve, are serious minded, and have drive and determination to succeed, then you are in the right time at the right place.


.gif INTER-HEALTH Chiangmai We would be pleased to welcome you to our world wide head quarters for more information!

For personalized further consultation and information we can be contacted via any one of our mobile telephones / personal e-mail addresses.

Kunwarat "Aw" Jesrichai
Aw commenting on her success said, "I have no experience in business at all. I have never worked before! I'm just doing what the company showed me and added some hard work, these products do the rest. I couldn’t believe that the company would pay me so much money and also invite me to attend a great training seminar in Hong Kong as well! I'm 36 years old, have three children and I’m so happy to get a chance like this, thank you so much."

    The Kunwarat "Aw" Jesrichai Story

    Khun "Aw" was first introduced to the products in September 1998. Aw and her husband had just moved to Chiangmai from Bangkok and were planning to open a bakery to support their family of three children. She obtained the products through a friend. After using the "start kit" for one month, her husband lost weight and Aw felt stronger and healthier than she had in a long time.

    Recognizing the value of these products Aw became interested in joining her mentor in the business, she bought some inventory using her 42% discount and on her first day she moved 23 pieces at what we call a "House Party." Excited by her early success, Aw dedicated herself to the newfound business and in the first month earned US$ 500. Over the ensuing months Aw's health continued to improve and her husband lost 10 kg’s. During this time Aw learned more about the business from her mentor and practiced it with her friends and family.

    Thanks to her hard work and the company’s unique weekly training, Aw's income after 4 months grew to more than US$ 2,500 per month.

    Kunwarat "Aw" Jesrichai, Chiangmai

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