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health and nutrition - lose weight - gain weight - diet - maintain weight - skincare
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Mylie And Lorri DOUGLAS
Mylie And Lorri DOUGLAS - Before and After: lost 252 pounds combined!


"We certainly enjoy hearing our high school classmates tell us how much we've changed."

Mylie and Lori Douglas of Califomia, USA, look alike, talk alike and act alike, which is not really surprising since they are twins. So similar are they that even their weight is in sync. Unfortunately, this synchronicity has not always been a positive experience in their lives. Throughout high school both Mylie and Lori struggled with their body image. "It seems as though someone was always saying we would look so much better if we just lost live or 10 pounds," the twins reply in almost exact unison. "The funny thing is we actually needed to lose at least 50 pounds!" After completing high school, Mylie and Lori earnestly attempted to slim down.

"I pretty much starved myself," Mylie explains. "I lost a lot of weight and seemed to come together for me. I looked and felt good, and had a beautifull baby boy. Then things came crashing-and I gained every bit of weight back within a year.

Lori lost weight at about the same time as Mylie. Sadly, she also followed Mylie's method of severely restricting food intake. So once she started eating normally again, the pounds returned.

When Mylie and Lori returned into an apartment together, their "alikeness' took on a new meaning as they both gained considerable weight simultaneously. "This was our really heavy period," Lori states. "Our diets consisted of fast food, supplemented with lots of baked food and high-fat, high calories dinners at midnight. "I was so depressed," Mylie recalls. "I was 22, single, weighted over 250 pounds, had no social life and no one would hire me."

Luckily, Mylie started working in her mother's home business just as her mother was introduced to our company. At this time, Mylie weighted 278 pounds. She and her mother agreed to try one 'Basic' weight management pack together for two weeks.

"I knew something was happening to my body immediately. When I stepped on the scale after one week I discovered I had lost 7 pounds. And after two weeks, 11 pounds! I was thrilled."

"All I knew was that I wanted the program, too," Lori explains.

Living together now worked to reinforce their good behavior. No food was purchased without first examining the calories and fat content. Specically adapted products were added to the regimen of Formula 1, 2 and 3.

The pounds started coming off. By August, both girls were in the 220's. Clothes were hanging off them, and people were starting to notice. A trip to Dysneyland was especially wonderfull since both Mylie and Lori reached their first goal of 200 pounds. Today both women have revised their original 150-pound goal. Mylie weight 152 pounds, just 12 pounds away from her new goal of 140. Lori has revised her goal to 135 pounds, and at 149 pounds she is only 14 pounds away from achieving it.

Coupled with their dramatic weight losses are equally dramatic lives changes. Myllie tells: "We have more friends than ever. On weekends we go to parties or dancing or on dates. Now I have a great job."

"We are enjoying life so much more now," they conclude. "If we can do it, anyone can."

health and nutrition - lose weight - gain weight - diet - maintain weight - skincare
Chutidapha Before-

Chutidapha Now-

"My whole family is now using these fantastic products and all of them are getting good results, I will use these products forever."

    The Chutidapha Arnpornrat Story

    In September of 1998 a friend came to visit Chutidapha in her Chiangmai home. This friend informed her about these fantastic products that helped people to become slim and healthy. As her weight was about 10 kg’s too much and her cholesterol & glucose were too high she decided to start with a C-pack. Even though she wasn't following the program as directed she managed to lose 2 kg’s the first month. When Chutidapha’s mentor noticed that she wasn't serious about the program, she went to her house and convinced her of the importance of losing the extra weight.

    Chutidapha later gratefully stated, "My mentor was really important to me, it was great that she was always there for me and made me follow the program. Before my weight was 60 kg’s now its only 52 kg’s, I have lost 2-3 dress sizes, my cholesterol is down to 118 from 292 and the Glucose fell from 115 to 83."

    Chutidapha Arnpornrat, Chiangmai

    Suda Before (Left)-

    The Ms. Suda Tongnuam Story

    Thirty-nine year old Suda who lives in Chiangmai, came in contact with our products in September 1998. After trying to lose weight by various other methods, Suda was then on an exercise program but was having only moderate success. Suda wanted to lose weight to both feel and look better. Her mentor advised her to try our program which she readily agreed. In 2 month's Suda lost 8 kg’s as well as inches. At 4 months, Suda had lost 17 kg’s (62 to 45 kg’s), 7 inches from her waist and hips! (Waist 31 to 24 inches, Hips 40 to 33).

    Suda Tongnuam, Chiangmai


Suda Now-

Suda stated, "It's simply fantastic! I'm now maintaining my weight and enjoy wearing my daughter's clothes. "

health and nutrition - lose weight - gain weight - diet - maintain weight - skincare

Yoshimi and Osama Tahara Before

    My husband was introduced to the Weight Management Programme and managed to lose 13.2 Ibs in 8 days. I then joined him and the results were amazing! We both run a private school for children and the parents were asking us how they could look as good as us. The simple answer, try these fantastic products! After the great results with the products we decided to join the business and our business & income is expanding every day, and we have never felt better!

Yoshimi and Osama Tahara, Japan


Yoshimi and Osama Tahara Now

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