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health and nutrition - lose weight - gain weight - diet - maintain weight - skincare
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You may have many reasons for reading this last page, but more than likely it is because you aren't 100% satisfied with the way you look and feel at this moment or you just want to get your health under control or maybe you're in a situation where you would just like to increase your income. Regardless of your reason, you are most welcome to read and learn about us.


MOST PEOPLE never get this far, by this time they have already found many reasons why this "WILL NOT" work for them.

DID YOU KNOW that in America the statistics show that at age sixty-five 45% of the people depend on relatives to support them, 30% depend on charity, 23% are still working (they cant afford to quit), and only 2% are self-sustaining.

HAVE YOU ever driven by a Million Dollar Home and wondered how those people became so successful? (We did!) Didn't you just want to go up and ring their doorbell and ask them how they became so wealthy? We wondered if they were smarter, luckier or maybe worked harder. We where amazed when we discovered the truth:


It's all about knowledge. Those who are more successful than you probably just know more. Knowledge is power. All you have to do is learn and this page provides you with this opportunity.

"When the student is ready, the teachers appear."

Are you ready? Good.

Let me tell you where I started from.

In August 1995 I heard and read about what you can read today. I was in a situation where I wasn't happy with where I was in life which gave me the desire to continue reading. I would probably still be working 60 hours per week, earning about $2,000 a month instead of over $14,000 per month profit I make now.

I first looked into this business because my good friend knew that I wanted to earn more money. At that time I was working as an electrician and in my spare time I was making and selling Apple Donuts. The people I worked with were 20 to 30 years older than me and most of them were very negative about life. It seemed as if they already knew they were going to go nowhere in life. They were always talking about traveling, building a bigger house or buying a better car but few of them had the money to attain any of these items! Although I had limited experience I didnít like what I saw.

health and nutrition - lose weight - gain weight - diet - maintain weight - skincare
It is in Your Moments of Decision That Your Destiny is Shaped.

I was only 17 when I quit school and started to work. I was in my early 20's when I started to realize that I couldn't continue like this. It was then that I started to learn about this new business. I was very exited to have a new career that could help me to have a more exiting life. I decided to give it a try, WHY NOT !

I didn't invest more than some time and $75 to get my new career started, in a $350 BILLION INDUSTRY!

Three weeks after I started, I had already earned over $1,000. I was more exited than ever before. The company I worked with made $900 million the year I joined and was represented in 25 countries. It was very inspiring to work with such a big company and to have the opportunity to meet with people from so many other countries and backgrounds. After only one year I had visited 4 new countries, made friends all over the world and started to earn over $3,000 a month.

The company continued to provide me with training which taught me more about how to succeed in this now even bigger company. (1996 - represented in 35 countries and with sales of more than $1.2 billion.) At this time the company started to invite me for training at Universal Studios (Los Angeles) and provided me with free vacations to exotic places.

As I write this I am 26 years old. I have now been with the company over 3 years. During the period ending in 1998 the company expanded its representation to 44 countries and had sales of more than $1.7 billion! I am my own boss but still have lots of successful co-workers to learn from and associate with just like my predecessors did 19 years ago.

I am now able to work where I want, when I want and with whom I want. I don't have to worry about the daily problems I had before:

-To eat what I want or what I can afford.
-To call my friends overseas any day or wait until Sunday.
-To take a vacation when I like or to wait until July when its my turn.
-To worry about how to save money in the smartest way.
-To always look for a better opportunity to make "big bucks."

I can go on forever but letís get down to business instead.

Again, if thousands of people, like the people who introduced this to me, like all of us, are succeeding, so can you. There are no limitations. Race, religion, sex, age etc. none of this counts.

Why should you try? Why shouldnít you? What else are you going to do? Hope that some day you'll be able to retire or receive a raise at the end of the year? No! You're worth more than that.

Your challenge is to change what your future will be like. Follow your desire to better your life. Call the number listed on this site and follow the directions given. We'll help you get started achieving your goals today.

contact me at: wealthy@chiangmai-online.com

"For things to change, you have to change and for things to get better, you have to get better."

"Things do not change. We change."

--Borg Ousland - Extreme Explorer:--

Borge Ousland

Borge Ousland, Extreme Explorer: 82Kg.
Equipment, provisions and sledge: 180Kg.
2,854Km accross Antarctica.
64 Days.
Alone and unsupported.


    "It is possible to reach your goals, even if they are beyond the limits of anything you have tried before. It is only by challenging yourself that you progress."

Nutritional Support always on hand.jpg

"Nutritional support was always on hand when I needed it."

"The Protein Drink was an essential part of my programme. I train with rubber tyres. I needed to build the same muscles I would use to pull the sledge during the expedition", says Borge. 'Strenght and endurance training makes many demands on your body. The Protein Drink Mixes helped provide the 6,000-plus calories I needed each day."

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