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The business was born from the personal tragedy of our founder, Mark Hughes. When Mark was eighteen years old his mother died of an accidental overdose of prescription diet pills. Since that day, Mark has dedicated his life to helping people lose weight and improve their health safely and effectively. In February 1980, Mark Hughes launched his company Internationally! Sales the first month were $23,000. Then due to the perseverance of Mark Hughes, first year sales skyrocketed to $2 MILLION! The business is now a multi-national nutrition company (44 countries) with sales of almost $2 BILLION a year! Mark has set the sales target to achieve $5 BILLION a year within the next few years, and with Mark's outstanding record of achievements, it is a goal that can be reached! Our business is bringing the world together through good nutrition. Mark's dream is to take the products to every citizen of the planet and provide everyone with the opportunity his mother did not have.


Now a public corporation, the company started in Beverly Hills, California, where we now have our world headquarters. With an aggressive expansion attitude, the company currently operates in 44 countries, and we welcome new countries every year! Our company is a company for the future, and is dedicated to improving the lives of all people!


As a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), we have more than 750,000 independent distributors world-wide. Each distributor enjoys the freedom that comes from being your own boss. We emphasise herbs and other natural ingredients in our weight loss, nutritional and personal care product lines. Our exclusive formulations appeal to the growing consumer interest in herbal and natural products.


We continually enhance our communications technology. Through satellite television, fax systems, telephone conference calls and now the INTERNET we provide a technology suited for anyone! Be sure to visit our pages on a regular basis. Thank you for taking your time to visit our little corner of Cyber-Space!

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According to a major newspaper, people have established the following as their most important goals for 1999:


WE CAN help you with two of these three major goals by introducing you to the world’s largest weight-loss company.

Our success in the weight-loss industry brought us $1.7 billion in sales and established us as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States with a 20% growth rate during 1998.

Being introduced to our weight-loss company will accomplish two goals. The first is obvious, weight-loss. The second is finding a new career. If you are happy with the product and want to become a part of the company’s highly successful marketing team we will start you on our unique training program for health and weight control as well as train you for full or part time work marketing this product.

"Say yes to life and life says yes to you."

Aw commenting on her success said, "I have no experience in business at all. I have never worked before! I'm just doing what the company showed me and added some hard work, these products do the rest. I couldn’t believe that the company would pay me so much money and also invite me to attend a great training seminar in Hong Kong as well! I'm 36 years old, have three children and I’m so happy to get a chance like this, thank you so much."

    The Kunwarat "Aw" Jesrichai Story

    Khun "Aw" was first introduced to the products in September 1998. Aw and her husband had just moved to Chiangmai from Bangkok and were planning to open a bakery to support their family of three children. She obtained the products through a friend. After using the "start kit" for one month, her husband lost weight and Aw felt stronger and healthier than she had in a long time.

    Recognizing the value of these products Aw became interested in joining her mentor in the business, she bought some inventory using her 42% discount and on her first day she moved 23 pieces at what we call a "House Party." Excited by her early success, Aw dedicated herself to the newfound business and in the first month earned US$ 500. Over the ensuing months Aw's health continued to improve and her husband lost 10 kg’s. During this time Aw learned more about the business from her mentor and practiced it with her friends and family.

    Thanks to her hard work and the company’s unique weekly training, Aw's income after 4 months grew to more than US$ 2,500 per month.

    Kunwarat "Aw" Jesrichai, Chiangmai

health and nutrition - lose weight - gain weight - diet - maintain weight - skincare
Becky Before -
Becky Finley is a grandmother of two residing in California, USA. When she started using our products, Beckey weighed 316 pounds - and dieting was a way of life for her. After 27 failed diets, she gave in because we offered her one thing no other product did: a money-back guarantee! And soon after the pounds started disappearing. "I couldn't belive it!' Becky reports. .gif
Becky Now -
"Whithin seven months I lost over 120 pounds. And by the ninth month, I only weighed 140 pounds. I went from a size 26 to a size 8!"

She maintained her weight at this healthy level for over five-and-a half year. In 1996, she was put on medication - after surgery - that caused her to gain back over 60 pounds. Once again, Becky turned to our products. "I shed those pounds I gained, and I now weigh under 130 pounds and wear a size 6! Not bad for a grandmother of two, eh?" Today she keeps our tablets on hand, in case she ever creep over 130 pounds. She also started taking the Formula 2 Multivitamin-Mineral. "I could really feel the difference after only four days! Nothing about these products surprise me any more, because these products really work!"

Becky Finley, California

Pan Hui Before-

.gif.gif Pan Hui Now-

    I was quite over weight after having my baby. For eleven long years, life became a desperate affaire. Introduced by a friend, I started taking the products, and after 50 days I had lost 33 Ibs, and my waist was slimmer by 8.5 inches. So, here I am at 40 starting out afresh as a healthy, confident and attractive person. Thanks for giving me a new lease of life!

    Pan Hui, Taiwan

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